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DocComply Medical Billing Services offers unparalleled, personalized medical billing services for 21 specialties, Coast to Coast. Medical Billing has become more and more complex with coding, policy, reimbursement, and insurance changes. Keeping up with these changes requires a significant amount of resources that can be difficult for a practice to be able to provide. With costs already making a huge impact on revenues, most practices find it difficult to keep up as it is. Everyone is looking to do more and spend less.

As a business that has been in operation for over 15 years, we understand the challenges medical practices face. What we provide is transparency, expertise, in depth knowledge, and a greater efficiency to common medical billing practices. With access to financial reports 24/7 and a dedicated account manager, we offer you transparency and allow you to maintain control of your practice.


Why Choose DocComply Billing Services?

In medical billing, you need a trusted partner to take responsibility of the claim once it leaves your hands by scrubbing the claim and ensuring proper and timely payment is received. It can become an overwhelming challenge for a practice to run their day to day operations while keeping up to date with the ever changing demands of billing. Transparency and communication are keys to success and we provide both. With your assigned account manager, we provide you with accessibility when it’s convenient for you. For even greater efficiency, choose to use our Practice Management/EHR software.

By placing your billing with DocComply you're saving time, money and space.


What are we experienced in?

Medical Billers

Billing 21 different Specialties

Billing in States from Coast to Coast

In and out of Network

Minimizing Denials

Improving Revenue

Streamlining work flow

Identifying gaps that lower revenue

Providing transparency


Solving Issues

Preventing issues

Why our experience is beneficial for you

  • Work with an experienced group of individuals
  • Gain valuable insight into your medical practice
  • Create greater efficiency and cash flow
  • We get to know you first. When establishing our relationship with you, we try and gather the specifics about your account, who the point of contact will be, any "always do this" instructions, as well as your policies regarding patient communication and balances.
  • We are proactive in our approach to Medical Billing. It is better to prevent unpaid claims and issues than to work on fixing them. That is why we spend the time to scrub your claims before they are submitted to minimize denials. We communicate with the practice any questions we may have regarding a claim, as we do not assume and we do not make changes without the practice’s explicit consent.
  • Eliminate backlogs of un-submitted claims
  • Our collective knowledge of medical billing spans different specialties, states, and insurances. This amount of and type of knowledge is a very powerful tool when navigating through coding, policies, and denial management.


DocComply is a part of your Medical Practice, your Billing Department in another location! We are always working for you and with you

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