About DocComply®

About eDocComply

The Proven Partner in IT Solutions for Medical Practices

eDocComply is the certified solution that will get you through the rising hurdles and regulations. Whether you are at your desk or on the go, access vital medical information anywhere, anytime. Utilize our Medical Billing Services and gain access to financial reports 24/7.

For more than 15 years, medical practices have stayed ahead of the ever changing regulations curve with eDocComply. Designed by a carefully selected group of technology experts, doctors, health insurance experts, and business people. A secure, fully-integrated software that is user-friendly and compliant. Benefit from all the features available and your medical practice will save time, always be organized, and avoid penalties and non-compliance.

DocComply was there before EHRs became a mandate, before Wi-Fi became widely available, and before cloud based became a thing!

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You need the right tool for the job...

eDocComply is the tool your medical practice needs!

Our Mission

DocComply® strives to be the leader in the field of information technology solutions for the private physician practice.

Regardless of the size of the practice, we invest the time upfront that it takes to get to know your workflow and other administrative needs. This way, our team can tailor a platform solution that conforms to your business and professional goals and objections — not the other way around.

Peace of Mind

Creating Peace of Mind

Secure data and fail-safe backup are expected. Outstanding technical competency is a given.

Our professionals work with each practice to build a secure digital platform capable of handling the full spectrum of patient and practice needs…and flexible enough to smoothly accommodate upgrades and other improvements.

With DocComply® as a partner, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-use software solution that meets your changing needs.


Think Technology, Be Green®

For years, this has been our motto. As a company, we have always strived to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing paper in our corporate office as well as in our clients’.

Technology helps create simple solutions

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